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Circular Building project leader

Indefinite time
hours per week
Construct Engineering
Reference: a1WWV0000003KLZ2A2
Date: 2024-06-06
Kevin Gaens
03/293 23 93
03/293 23 93
Construct Engineering Antwerp


You get a tailor-made salary with everything you need to do your job well. They don't want to see this as a stumbling block to not being able to invite the right project manager. He who does not dare, does not win.


As Project Manager, you will manage the execution of these innovative construction projects, managing up to 5 sites simultaneously. You place orders with partners and suppliers, ensure clear preparations and verify everything. During execution, you manage partners and monitor deadlines, budgets and quality standards. You are the pivotal figure within the execution and the point of contact for architects, site personnel and partners. You also coordinate with the Sales team and act as the first point of contact for clients, from start to completion. You will also be involved in the more operational part of the company. You therefore have ambition to grow into a management position. You will work on challenging construction projects that are shaping the future of the sector. Your role is crucial in delivering high-quality work within a safe environment. We expect experience in project management within the construction industry and strong communication skills. You can manage multiple projects simultaneously and are solution-oriented with an affinity for innovative construction methods. Ready to influence the future of circular construction? Apply now and become our new project manager!


We summarise the company in 4 terms for those who do not have much time to read the vacancy 😉

Korte beslissingslijnen, losse sfeer, creativiteit & flexibiliteit. Do we have your attention? Our client is an innovative company specialising in circular construction. A Startup in the building industry, they promise their customers a key on their dream door within 1.5 months. The employees have a visionary side and they are looking for team players who also want to help pull the proverbial cart. As a startup, they can fall back on the support of a larger parent company. Ambitious and young company where the 'early-adopters' can participate in the growth of the company and thus also grow in the company structure.


Are you passionate about design and sustainable living? Your drive and passion make you the ideal person to further develop this innovative concept. Your work is meticulous and structured; you never miss deadlines. As a team player, you know that cooperation is the key to success. You want to leave traditional construction behind and are willing to take on a pioneering role. You maintain an overview of all projects, but also roll up your sleeves yourself. With your experience in residential construction and thorough technical knowledge, from foundation slab to roof and from plumbing to kitchen finishing, you know the potential pain points and prevent them by consulting with our construction partners. So you solve problems before they arise.

You have a master's or bachelor's degree in construction and at least 5-10 years' experience as a project manager in residential construction. With your expertise and commitment, you will ensure that every project runs smoothly and meets the highest standards. Are you looking for a role where you can use your technical knowledge and passion for sustainable living? Then this is the ideal vacancy for you!

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