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"We support you from A to Z in your search for the ideal job.”

You tell us what you want, we will map out your career opportunities. We then guide you in your search for the ideal job in the right company, whether it is IT, technical engineering, construct engineering or finance is concerned.


CV screening

First, provide us with your CV so we can learn more about your background, experience, knowledge and skills.

Telephonic introduction

We will then call you and discuss with you what your wishes are, what you want to specialise in further and what type of company appeals to you most. After this interview, we will invite you for an interview at the office with a recruitment specialist who specialises in your sector. We will also ask you to complete a short personality test. This will give us an idea of who you are and help us find the perfect match even faster.


Personal acquaintance

At CTRL-F we really like to get to know you: how do you see your career, how do you want to grow, which type of company suits you? During our personal meeting we review the results of the personality test together. We give you advice on e.g. salary expectations and share our expertise in the sector.
Then our recruitment specialist We immediately look for companies and opportunities that match your profile. We dive into our network and present you with vacancies in companies that offer what you are looking for.


    Your trusted CTRL-F contact will introduce you to companies and vacancies that match your profile and expectations. Only if you feel comfortable with a job opening will we introduce your CV to the company.


      on call

      Now it is up to you! You get to have an interview with the companies we have selected together. We are here for you in this phase of the process as well: we prepare your interview together and give you advice tailored to the vacancy, so that you can shine at the interview.

      Afterwards, we will ask for feedback from the company and from you. Was there still no match? Then we keep looking and if necessary based on your feedback we adjust the expectations of the company or position. We also provide extensive feedback on the company's feedback, so that you can continue to improve your application skills.

      Was there a match? Then we will accompany you to the next interview and the further contract discussions.


        contract proposal

        Congratulations, you have received one or more contract proposals! We will discuss the proposal with you and, if necessary, negotiate further with the company. As real experts in your sector, we assist you with advice so that you can make a well-considered choice.



          Mission accomplished: you've got the job! During the first three months, we stay in close contact to monitor you closely. After all, we want to be sure that everything goes according to your expectations and wishes.


            always on your terms

            You choose how we stay in touch in the future: by phone, Skype, LinkedIn, e-mail, text message, Facetime or a personal meeting. We also communicate fully tailored to you


              We are matchmakers for any profile in IT, technical engineeringconstruct engineering and finance. From helpdesk employee to technician to senior IT manager; from site manager to sales engineer; from accountant to insurance specialist. We guarantee a personal approach and take the time to get to know you.

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