We cross borders

Our Belgian companies are growing. But no growth without
specialised talents that companies can count on. The need
to experts is high. Larger than the number of specialists Belgium has.
That is why we look beyond our national borders.

Attracting international talent<br />



Attracting international talent

Attracting international talent

Continuing to look for specialised talents exclusively under the steeple is no longer a solid recruitment strategy. To keep growing as a company, it is therefore necessary to broaden our vision on recruitment when attracting the appropriate experts. This is precisely why more and more companies are turning to international talent and looking beyond our national borders.


Talents from Belgium<br />and beyond

Talents from Belgium
and beyond

We work both with international profiles already living in Belgium and talents ready to build a life in Belgium.


The move to Belgium<br />

The move to Belgium

Experts we get to know beyond our national borders, we take them on an intense journey. Proposing a 100% suitable challenge in which candidates can develop decisively is a minimum requirement. We go for 200% commitment from both you as an employer and the candidate. If you both go for a definitive go, we then lay the building blocks for a move to Belgium.


EU Foreign office network<br />

EU Foreign office network

We are where our candidates' lives unfold. Our offices are spread across several countries in the EU and we also work closely with specialised local offices. This is how we map out a solid network. No single shots, but consciously selected professionals, that is what we aim for.
EU Foreign office network


Digital Talent Hunting<br />

Digital Talent Hunting

Digital recruitment is a profession in its own right. Our specialists use all tools, expertise and resources to build a solid international network across countries. This way, foreign talents know how to find us immediately in an accessible way.


Foreign Support Services<br />

Foreign Support Services

Our services go far to thoroughly guide candidates towards their new future in Belgium. We support them in their search for housing, integration assistance, applications for health insurance and bank account numbers and much more. A process in which we gladly take the lead or that we set up together with you as future employer. Thanks to the thorough support, the candidate can immediately focus on his/her job.
Connecting in English<br />



Connecting in English

Connecting in English

The chances of your new international colleague speaking flawless Dutch are slim, we have to be honest about that. What do we go for anyway? A professional level of communication in English so that communication on the shop floor runs smoothly. In many cases, candidates have already started Dutch lessons or wish to enrol for language lessons upon arrival in Belgium.

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