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CTRL-F, which is the perfect match between talent and company.

Driven recruiters<br />
Driven recruiters

Driven recruiters

Our team of driven recruiters with a passion for IT, engineering or finance guarantees efficient and specialised recruitment tailored to your needs. We resolutely go for a long-term match, where candidate and company are a perfect fit.

First talent, then pay

Our recruiters are specialists in your sector who go for the perfect match. You only pay after the conclusion of the contract with your new employee.

Transparent pricing

With us, there are no hidden costs, only clear agreements and a correct, transparent price setting. It is important to us that you know in advance what you are paying and what you will get in return. 

Open communication

We believe in efficient long-term cooperation, where open communication is key. We work personally, in confidence and, of course, with the necessary discretion.


As our payment methods indicate above, the result is our most important value gauge. We pull out all the stops to find that perfect match between talent and vacancy.

Candidate driven

At CTRL-F we match the wishes of employers with the dreams of candidates. After determining the employer's expectations, we search for talent that meets the required skills, experience and cultural fit.

No exclusivity

We do not require exclusivity for your recruitment assignments. In fact, we are convinced that after an initial cooperation, you will simply not want to work with anyone else.

How we work:
recruitment from A to Z for your company


We like to visit you personally to get to know the company better and to map out the needs of the vacancy. Because we always screen candidates for both technical knowledge and cultural fit, it is crucial that we get to know the company and the employer's wishes well beforehand.

Targeted marketing

Targeted marketing

We then translate all the information obtained into an attractive vacancy, which we show to the right target group via targeted marketing. To do this, we use various job boards, our own network, social media, etc. In addition, we also engage our colleagues from DDigital Talent Hunters to find the right profiles.

We push boundariesThanks to our close cooperation with the Foreign Office of Accent, we do not limit our search to Belgium. We literally expand our borders and look for talented and motivated foreign candidates.

Targeted marketing

Screening & testing

We thoroughly screen all candidates both on hard and soft skills and on company and cultural fit. All candidates are always subjected to a personality test and a technical or analytical test where necessary.

We place strong emphasis on finding talents who want to grow with you and develop their careers.

Screening and testing
Presentation of qualified candidates

Presentation of qualified candidates

You will receive a thorough report of the candidates we have selected by e-mail. This includes an analysis of the test results and their original CV. We are also happy to discuss our evaluation further with you, either in person or by telephone.

Presentation of qualified candidates

Start of application process & debrief

We are responsible for planning face-to-face interviews with the selected candidates. We remain actively involved until the end of this process. As a listening ear for both parties, we avoid any misunderstandings or ambiguities.

Start application process & debrief


Once the right employee has been chosen, we like to take a closer look at both parties in the first months after the start-up. Is everything going according to plan? Are there still things we need to adjust? Through a good follow-up and open communication, we ensure that any minor adjustments can be made in a timely manner.


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