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Project Engineer

Indefinite time
40 hours per week
Reference: a1WWV00000020y72AA
Date: 2024-04-27
Yasmine De Schrijver
016/498 382
016/498 382
Engineering Leuven


What's in it for you?

  • Challenging position as a Project Engineer within a leading company.
  • Attractive salary in line with your profile and experience.
  • Tailored salary package with opportunities for an insurance package, expense allowance, and a company car with fuel card.
  • Attention to a good work-life balance with 32 holidays.
  • Working in a dynamic company with a fun working atmosphere.


Project management:

  • As a Project Engineer, you will be responsible for managing ongoing projects. This includes planning, coordinating and monitoring all activities required to successfully complete the project.
  • You will work closely with a team of engineers, designers and other stakeholders to ensure that project objectives are met within set deadlines and budgets.

Communication with customers:

  • You will be the primary point of contact for clients on project-related matters. This includes communicating designs, changes, delivery dates and any other relevant information.
  • Translating customer specifications into concrete designs is also part of your tasks. Here, it is important to understand the customer's wishes and requirements and translate them into technical solutions.

Documentation management:

  • As a Project Engineer, you will be responsible for maintaining all project documentation. This includes preparing and managing data books for each project, recording all relevant information.
  • You will ensure that all required certificates and documents are collected and organised according to the required standards and guidelines.

Quality assurance:

  • You will work with external parties, such as NOBO's (Notified Bodies), to ensure that all aspects of the project comply with applicable standards and regulations.
  • Supervising inspections and take-downs by customers and inspectors is also part of your responsibilities. You ensure that all necessary documentation and materials are available and that the project meets all requirements.

In short, as a Project Engineer within this company, you will be a vital link between customers, the internal team and external stakeholders. You combine technical expertise with excellent communication and organisational skills To ensure that projects are successfully completed within set guidelines and expectations.


Our client is a company that thrives on stability, diversity and quality. These values are at the heart of its success. The experience, combined with the diverse skills of the dedicated staff, enables them to tackle even the most complex metalwork projects with confidence.

With this company, you can trust that every project will be carried out with the highest standards of craftsmanship and precision.

The key to our success lies in the team's specialised know-how. Our client understands that carrying out diverse and complex metalwork projects requires expertise. That is why they invest in continuous training and development to ensure employees master the latest techniques and technologies.

This metals company guarantees the highest quality in every metalwork project. Thus, they bring innovative solutions and creative approaches, while striving for precision and accuracy at every stage of the process. They offer impeccable service, understanding and anticipating customers' needs, resulting in long-term satisfaction.


As a Project Engineer within this company, you will be expected to combine technical expertise, communication skills and a strong affinity for project management. 

Education and experience:

  • You have a higher technical education at Bachelor or Master level, preferably in a mechanical direction.
  • You have gained several years of experience in a construction company, working on projects within the metal industry. This experience has familiarised you with the specific challenges and requirements of working in this sector.

Technical skills:

  • You have a strong affinity with metalworking and welding technology. You understand the processes and techniques used in the production and construction of metal parts and structures.
  • Knowledge of CAD software and other technical tools is a plus, as these are used in designing and planning projects in the metal industry.

Communication skills:

  • As a Project Engineer, you are very strong communicator, both internally and externally. You can communicate effectively with various stakeholders, including customers, colleagues's and external parties such as suppliers and inspectors.
  • You are able to communicate technical concepts and information in a clear and understandable way, both orally and in writing.

Teamwork and independence:

  • You have proven that you can both independent as in team can work. You are able to manage tasks and responsibilities independently, but you are also a team player who can work effectively with others to achieve common goals.
  • You are flexible and can cope well with changing priorities and deadlines in a dynamic work environment.


  • As a Project Engineer, you are fluent in both Dutch as English

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