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Method engineer

hours per week
Reference: a1WWV0000002ixp2AA
Date: 2024-05-15
Sharon Sannen
014/337 567
014/337 567
Technical Engineering Lommel


Permanent contract, indefinite.

Pay for experience.

Additional legal benefits: Meal vouchers €8/day, hospitalisation and group insurance.

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>> 014 33 75 67 

>> WhatsApp: 0477 71 16 88


  • Project analysis: You will perform in-depth analysis of both existing and new machines, assessing the current situation and identifying the needs of the project.
  • Design and optimise: You will design new solutions or improve existing systems to optimise efficiency and performance.
  • Prototyping: You develop and build prototypes to test the feasibility and functionality of your designs.
  • Testing and adaptation: You perform various tests on the prototypes and make necessary adjustments to meet specifications and quality standards.
  • Project preparation and technical files: You will prepare detailed technical files and carefully prepare projects to ensure flawless execution.
  • Implementation: You ensure correct implementation of projects, closely monitoring quality and budget.
  • Follow-up in production/atelier: You will monitor production and operations in the workshop to ensure everything goes according to plan.
  • Communications: You maintain both internal and external communication on the progress of the project, ensuring that all stakeholders are well informed.
  • Other duties: You will also perform various other tasks that contribute to the success of the project and the organisation.


This renowned foundry specialises in jobbing work, prototypes, single pieces and small series. The company produces both iron and steel in a wide range of alloys. The weight of castings ranges from a few kilos to as much as 30 tonnes.

The foundry has its own model shop, cleaning workshop and machine shop. It is equipped with the latest furnaces for heat treatment of castings.

The machining of castings can be carried out in-house. Three full CNC vertical lathes are available for this purpose, with a diameter range from 2 to 10 metres. These are complemented by two milling machines with a range of 2x3 metres.

The company offers complete engineering services for castings. For this, it has Unigraphics CAD/CAM software, casting simulation and Metronor 3D non-contact measurement equipment.


  • You have a Bachelor's or preferably Master's degree in Industrial with a strong interest in all things mechanical.
  • You have good spatial insight.
  • You are curious about the wonders of the foundry world. 
  • You are eager to learn.
  • You can work independently.
  • After a thorough training, you will be able to work with the following tools: 3D-CAD Siemens NX, Simulation software MAGMASOFT. If you want to expand your skills even further, there is 3D-scanning package: Gom ATOS, TRITOP.

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