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Mechanical (Utilities) Engineer

Indefinite time
40 hours per week
Reference: a1WWV00000021CA2AY
Date: 2024-04-27
Sharon Sannen
014/337 567
014/337 567
Technical Engineering Lommel


You will have the opportunity to help shape a brand new state-of-the-art production facility, develop your role and feel proud of the work you do. Working at Ciner Glass is fast-paced, challenging and incredibly rewarding.

- Comprehensive salary package, complemented by smartphone, laptop, company car, ...

- 42 holidays including public holidays

- Health insurance, over time our fringe benefits will expand further

- Freedom, autonomy and opportunities in your personal and professional development

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>> 014 33 75 67 

>> WhatsApp: 0477 71 16 88


- Responsible for all aspects of HVAC.

- Performing, controlling and monitoring assembly during the execution phase together with the subcontractor, as well as managing the process after fabrication together with your team.

- Responsible for all aspects of HVAC design and management during the construction phase.

- Develop design briefs and system schematics's through all design phases.

- Decide on a proven experience in system design, load and system calculations, HVAC system modelling, hydraulic analysis of air and water systems.

- Specifying the most suitable systems and equipment for user requirements, proposing schematics's, calculating equipment capacities and determining piping and ducting systems with all their components.

- Coordination with other disciplines also falls within your responsibilities. During the implementation phase, supervise the contractor and ensure correct implementation of the designed systems.

- Organise and monitor the start-up of these systems and ensure their validation. After start-up, have the ability to operate and manage complete systems of HVAC, fire water, chemical water, infrastructure, etc.

- Responsible for the installation of chemical water treatment (with subcontractor) according to known Belgian regulations.

- Guarantee a perfectly functioning and compliant water infrastructure as per regulations.

- Environmental monitoring systems will be part of your engineering scope.

- Provide engineering services to support utility troubleshooting.

- Ensure installation of lifts (for personnel and goods) during the construction phase.

- Participate in or lead various mechanical engineering projects.

- Develop and lead your team to high standards.

- Reporting to the technical manager.


Ciner Glass Ltd. is the UK-based holding company for the global container glass operations of the Ciner Group, a large industrial conglomerate founded in 1978, based in Turkey and owned by Mr Turgay Ciner.

Ciner Glass started its first production in Bilecik Bozüyük in 2013 and now produces 2.4 billion bottles a year. As the best glass packaging plant in Turkey, it started looking for new investments to continue this success globally.

In 2018, Ciner Glass decided to expand its operations globally. Our aim is to expand our presence in the Turkish, UK, European and US markets with the first step being the development of our production facility in Lommel, fully operational with 2 furnaces (470,000 tonnes annual capacity) by the end of 2026. The state-of-the-art and automated machinery is being prepared to employ more than 500 workers when production is fully operational.

Our mission is to become a world-leading company that can help change the glass industry for the better, to provide healthy, reliable, competitive, distinctive lightweight and high-quality glass packaging products manufactured with high-end technology in line with international technical and quality standards for our customers, society and the environment.


- A master's degree in industrial engineering or a master's degree in engineering sciences (or equivalent through proven experience) with preference in mechanical engineering and at least

- 5 years' experience in HVAC, in the process industry.

- Good knowledge of mechanics such as. Ventilation systems (HVAC), Sanitation systems, Chemical water treatment systems, Fire protection systems, Industrial air conditioners, Passenger and freight lifts, Clean water and wastewater infrastructure systems.

- Strong communication skills with all stakeholders in Dutch and English (oral and written), Turkish is a plus.

- Be highly motivated, eager to learn and want to broaden knowledge related to your field.

- Able to function in a team and work together to complete the entire project.

- Strong people management skills are needed in your leadership role.

- Have a dynamic personality, with a proactive and innovative approach to work.

- Have a systematic analytical approach with a keen sense of responsibility with regard to project finance, project planning and knowledge sharing with colleagues's in general.

- Being present on the production floor.

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