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Quality engineer

Indefinite time
40 hours per week
Reference: a1WWV00000020y02AA
Date: 2024-04-27
Yasmine De Schrijver
016/498 382
016/498 382
Engineering Leuven


What's in it for you?

  • Challenging position as a Project Engineer within a leading company.
  • Attractive salary in line with your profile and experience.
  • Tailored salary package with opportunities for an insurance package, expense allowance, and a company car with fuel card.
  • Attention to a good work-life balance with 32 holidays.
  • Working in a dynamic company with a fun working atmosphere.


As a Quality Engineer, you will fulfil a crucial role within this company, working with your team to maintain the highest standards of quality for devices and components. The following is a detailed description of the duties and responsibilities associated with this position:

Design and specification translation:

  • You act as a bridge between customer specifications and the design team, being able to accurately translate customer needs and requirements into designs and specifications. This translation ensures that our products meet customer expectations.

Managing quality staff:

  • As a manager, you will be responsible for managing and motivating the quality team. You ensure that they receive the necessary training and support to perform their tasks efficiently. Through regular evaluations and feedback, you help them develop further in their role.

Daily quality assurance:

  • You are actively involved in ensuring the day-to-day quality of our production processes. This includes setting up and maintaining quality controls, identifying potential areas for improvement and implementing corrective measures when necessary.

Quality report:

  • You will be responsible for preparing and presenting quality reports to customers. These reports provide insight into the performance of products and processes, including any deviations and actions taken to correct them.

Maintenance and extension of quality systems:

  • You will play an active role in maintaining and improving existing quality systems within the company. This includes identifying opportunities for improvement, implementing new procedures and ensuring compliance with quality standards.


  • You will lead and participate in quality audits to ensure that processes and systems comply with applicable standards and regulations. Through thorough reviews and analysis, you will contribute to the continuous improvement of our quality practices.

In short, as a Quality Engineer, you are an essential link in the pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction. Through your expertise and dedication, you will contribute to the company's reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality products and services.


Our client is a company that thrives on stability, diversity and quality. These values are at the heart of its success. The experience, combined with the diverse skills of the dedicated staff, enables them to tackle even the most complex metalwork projects with confidence.

With this company, you can trust that every project will be carried out with the highest standards of craftsmanship and precision.

The key to our success lies in the team's specialised know-how. Our client understands that carrying out diverse and complex metalwork projects requires expertise. That is why they invest in continuous training and development to ensure employees master the latest techniques and technologies.

This metals company guarantees the highest quality in every metalwork project. Thus, they bring innovative solutions and creative approaches, while striving for precision and accuracy at every stage of the process. They offer impeccable service, understanding and anticipating customers' needs, resulting in long-term satisfaction.


Higher technical training:

  • You have a Bachelor's or master's degree in a technical field, giving you a solid theoretical foundation in engineering and quality management.


  • You have gained demonstrable experience within a construction company, becoming familiar with the specific challenges and requirements of the metal industry.

Affinity with metalworking and welding technology:

  • You have an in-depth interest and knowledge of metalworking techniques and welding technologies, enabling you to assess and improve the quality of welded joints and metal structures.

Strong communication skills:

  • As a Quality Engineer, you are able to communicate effectively both internally with colleagues's and employees at different levels, and externally with suppliers and customers. You can communicate complex technical information clearly and understandably.

Independence and teamwork:

  • You are able to work independently and take initiative in identifying and solving quality problems. At the same time, you are a team player who can work well with different departments within the company to achieve common goals.


  • As a Quality Engineer, you are fluent in both Dutch and English. This bilingualism enables you to communicate fluently with colleagues's, customers and suppliers in both national and international contexts.

In short, as a Quality Engineer in this company, you are a technically savvy professional with a keen eye for quality and precision. With your broad knowledge and experience, you will contribute to the continuous improvement of our products and processes, enabling us to maintain and strengthen our position as a leading player in the metal industry.

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