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Payroll deductions file manager

39 hours per week
Reference: 49778
Yulia Epina
Recruitment Manager
Finance West and East Flanders
Chaussée de Bruxelles 92, 9090 Melle

This team works and grows as one!

The bow does not always have to be tight as colleagues provide plenty of fun moments among themselves on the shop floor. Together with an annual team building, birthday receptions and presents... this ensures good team spirit!

There is a tremendous sense of mutual respect and flexibility within this company. This is therefore the common thread in their offering.

Our client is offering an immediate permanent contract for a full-time employment of 39 hours per week to the Payroll Withholding Officer. You can make use of sliding hours and choose whether to work hybrid or at home. For this position, being in Antwerp with the team once a week is a must. This office is then feasible by public transport.

You are entitled to the 20 statutory leave days, 12 paid adv days and 3 CLA days annually. These can be scheduled freely by mutual agreement with the team. The only exception to this is the month of January. Then NO leave can be taken in function of the higher workload.

For every 5 years of service, you may also add 1 seniority day here.

The financial picture :

  • a gross monthly salary depending on relevant experience
  • net expenses of €100 per month
  • meal vouchers of €8 per day worked
  • eco vouchers of €250 / year
  • hospitalisation insurance for yourself and everyone in your family
  • group insurance
  • home working allowance
  • 100% reimbursement of own public transport costs
  • cafeteria plan (mobile phone, extra leave days, electric bike, extra pension savings, electronics...)

At start-up, you will not be left to your own devices. You will have a godfather or godmother who will show you around the company, introduce you to your colleagues and get to know the entire internal computer system.

You will not be short of internal training either. The most experienced colleagues will teach you the tricks of the trade so that you can gradually grow in your position.

Lifelong learning is therefore a requirement here!

Are you already curious about what the application process will be like? We are already giving you a hint:

After completing some personality and reasoning tests, you will be introduced to our client. The first exploratory interview takes place digitally via Teams in 90% of cases. If positive, a second on-site interview will follow as soon as possible. Good vibes between both parties? Then a contract proposal follows.

If you are interested in this payroll deduction file manager position, then I can only recommend taking your chance and applying!


As payroll deductions file manager, you will join a medium-sized team of 10 colleagues consisting of 1 responsible and 2 experts in this area. They will take you through the range of tasks and teach you everything you need to know. Of course, you will also be given the space to figure things out yourself and find your place in the team.

For this post, 'wage garnishment' is the central theme.

Clients can call on this team to follow up everything administratively for them and their employees for this purpose. You will therefore comply with all legal obligations associated with payroll deductions. In other words, you will provide these companies with the necessary support.

Your core tasks:

  • processing incoming documents related to employee payroll deductions
  • entering all data into the internal software package so that everything can be calculated correctly
  • documenting all steps taken in evidence
  • informing clients and their employees about legislation, calculations
  • follow-up of transfers to creditors
  • contacting creditors, bailiffs, lawyers
  • monitoring and implementing certain indexations

This job combines administrative file management with many social contacts (telephone and written).


This company is an international player situated in the HR market.

With its 26 offices and some 6,000 employees, it therefore constitutes one of the leading companies in this niche.

So you will already definitely end up in a stable financial working environment!

Versatility is one of our client's core values.

Their clients can turn to experts for all kinds of different HR questions.

They offer very many different services there. These include the social secretariat, outsourcing, finance, IT, legal, consulting, the service centre,...

So there is something for everyone!

Perhaps a small drawback associated with this versatility: it does create some complexity in the corporate organisational chart.

You may already feel it : the customer is always the focus here.

Therefore, this is the biggest core value that every employee strives for.

The HR sector is one that is constantly changing and our client is responding to that.

This is also necessary to always offer the best and highest-quality services.

Digitalisation, innovation and entrepreneurship are therefore the basic concepts here.

But they really go out of their way not to lose sight of the people-oriented!

They always strike a balance between digitisation and personalisation.

Looking for an employer where you are allowed to think along in possibilities, in solutions or how things can be done better?

Then you're in the right place here anyway.

Our client is looking for such entrepreneurs, people who dare to take initiative and can / want to think out of the box.

Anything can be discussed, it just needs to be spoken by you.

Your entire trajectory is in your own hands; you become the captain of your own career.

This makes every employee a highly engaged employee who is proud to let the outside world know where he/she works.

Fancy being a part of this?

Then don't hesitate and apply!


Do you hold a bachelor's degree or can you present relevant experience ?

Can express yourself fluently in Dutch and French

Do you have a strong interest in the topic of wage garnishment?

Then you are already one step closer to this job as payroll deductions file manager in Antwerp.

Our client is looking for talented people who cannot hide their motivation and drive. People who are eager to learn, who can work well in a team but also independently, who are stress-resistant and continue to perform well under a heavy workload, who have strong communication skills while also enjoying working with numbers.

Are you such a great talent looking for a new opportunity to grow?

Apply for this vacancy.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.