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Design Engineer

Permanent / Temporary
40 hours per week
Reference: 37725
Fabienne Cuijpers
Senior Recruitment Specialist
09/265 00 34
056/620 436
Technical Engineering West Flanders
English Walk 2 F10, 8500 Kortrijk

The gross salary will be determined on the basis of your experience and diploma because there are various possibilities here. For an experienced person in the industry, the salary range may vary from €3500 to €4000 gross.

The package is also negotiable, but €8 meal vouchers, guaranteed income and hospitalisation insurance are offered as standard.

The company is also thoughtful with gifts for special events such as birthdays, St. Nicolas, Easter, ...


You will follow in the footsteps of an employee who will retire in 2022. A project, being design of electrical cabinets from 0 onwards, tailored to the customer, comes to you as soon as it is received:

From then on, together with the project leaders and/or customer, you go deeper into the technical specifications and details so that you can translate the project into an electrical diagram, for example by asking questions about the number of motors, the power, the sensors used, controls, etc.

  • For this you need to ask the right questions.
  • You work out a complete design for the customer based on all the information.
  • After the customer approves the design, it is put into production in the workshop.
  • Your colleagues follow up on the further implementation of the project

Because it is a smaller company with a very open atmosphere and communication, it is possible after a while to discuss and divide the tasks among ourselves.


For a subcompany within a multi-technical group, we are looking for an electrical design engineer...

The subcompany specialises in industrial electricity and electrical switch boxes. The industrial installation projects include electrical cabling, inspections and commissioning of production lines and installations, optimisation projects, relocations, preventive maintenance works, installation of high-voltage cabinets, etc.

The projects are very varied within the industrial segment: ranging from paper production, metal, waste processing, ...

The team consists of 13 technicians, including 4 in the workshop, 9 installers and 3 office workers.


  • You have a solid knowledge of industrial electricity
  • Either because of your MA in EM, Electrical Engineering, ...
  • Either because of your BA degree combined with relevant work experience
  • You are from the West Flanders region
  • You have a hands-on mentality and like to get to grips with the technical side of cabinet making
  • You have a heart for the projects you work on, your colleagues and clients
  • You are fluent in NL language both verbally and in writing

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