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Young Graduate Electrical Engineer

40 hours per week
Reference: 37124
Niek D'Hondt
Senior Recruitment Manager
09/241 87 96
09/241 87 96
Technical Engineering Ghent
Chaussée de Bruxelles 92, 9090 Melle

What can you expect?

- Depending on your knowledge and experience, your salary will be between €2000 - €2900 gross.

- Meal vouchers €8 per day worked

- Pension scheme

- Hospitalisation insurance

- Guaranteed income insurance

- 20 leave days + 12 ADV days (40h working week)

- Possibility of a free GSM subscription

In addition, there are numerous non-financial assets:

- Growing business group that is stable and financially sound and where you will be exposed to the latest technologies

- Both horizontal and vertical development opportunities

- Are you a sporty person? Or do you just want to exercise more? Then the company will motivate you to take part in sporting activities

o Own running event

o Running or walking at noon

o Participation in sporting events

- The company has a strong social commitment

o Gifts for employees on holidays with the proceeds going to a good cause

o Birthday gift

- Training programme tailored to your needs with both internal and external training opportunities


The company has extensive experience in training and growing technical graduates. They strongly believe that tomorrow's best construction site managers, project managers and engineers are formed in practice.

That is why they have a career path for technical junior potentials bachelor/master:

- You get a taste of different functions and departments and get to know their activities inside and out

- A period as a plant technician at customer sites can alternate with the sign construction workshop and the electrical engineering department

- This takes place within a variety of sectors: from pharma over automotive, chemicals, machine builders to commercial buildings and hospitals.

- In this way, you learn to estimate how long certain works will take, how much space there is for certain installations and works, which materials and components will be used, etc.

- For example, you will be pulling cables, building signs, testing and installing, connecting installations and machines, ...

- These important practical insights and the respect of your colleagues you will take with you later on in your growth towards engineering or more managerial work, depending on your strengths and preferences

In the beginning, it may vary quickly in projects to give you a taste of different things. The timing of the course depends a lot on your own preferences, strengths, growth curves, ...

Some of them want to continue working hands-on on the sites, others find their passion in site management, still others want to move internally to the engineering department for a position as a work preparer/calculator, designer, project engineer, ...


For a multi-technical group in the Ghent area, we are looking for recent graduates or junior profiles with first work experience for the electrical solutions department. The company is a service provider for both industry and the tertiary sector and realises electrical installation projects. Various specialisations are possible: from medium voltage and sign construction over emergency power supplies and charging stations to network infrastructure, security and smart building techniques. This is just a small selection of the specialised units and sub-companies that make up the group. Thanks to the group's multi-technicality, they can also realise total projects for their customers. The group puts strong emphasis on practical knowledge, so they have a hands-on mentality.

Within the company, there is a warm, family atmosphere against the backdrop of a financially strong group of some 1,000 employees.

The company's assets are:

- the great stability in personnel so that know-how and quality are guaranteed to customers

- the great human factor: you walk straight in to the CEOs, the combination of study and work is fully supported, ...

- the company as a learning centre with all its multi-technicality and its own training centre

- the specialised business units offer numerous growth opportunities, both horizontally and vertically


You recognise yourself in the following points:

- Technical bachelor's or master's degree

- Or a technical A2 degree with work experience in the electrical field

- Great passion for electricity in the broad sense

- Extra advantage if this passion continues in your spare time

- You see the added value in the growth trajectory

- An added advantage is that you have already gained hands-on experience in a student job, side project, internship, etc.

- You are motivated to invest in yourself in order to grow

Are you interested in the position, but do you not find yourself in the above description? Do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss the matter together!

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