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Work Planner

Permanent / Temporary
40 hours per week
Reference: 7099
Margot Wuyts
Senior Recruitment Specialist
016/498 382
03/750 28 80
Technical Engineering Antwerp
Amsterdamstraat 29, 2000 Antwerp

Hard work is rewarded, of course:

  • On-the-job training.
  • Salary: 2300 gross
  • Extralegal benefits: meal vouchers of €8 per day, group insurance, eco vouchers, 13th month and salary bonus.
  • Holidays: construction leave in summer and at Christmas.
  • You work 40 hours per week and receive 12 extra ADV days.
  • No overtime.


What does your day look like:

  • In the first months of your employment, you will receive extensive training from the work planner. There is also the possibility to go on location with the workers to gain more in-depth knowledge of their activities.
  • 85% indoor service, 15% outdoor service.
  • You will be responsible for the design of the installations and the spaces where the installations are installed.
  • In doing so, you take into account the different components that can be used.
  • You compile and help develop the order list.
  • You dimension the pipeline route with Stabiplan (or Autocad).
  • You sporadically attend site meetings with the project leaders with whom you will work closely.


Our client within airoconditioning, central heating, ventilation, sanitary and green energy is an average SME in Brecht. Originally, this was a family business, but today it employs around 150 people. The family atmosphere is still there. 

When you enter, you will see that everyone is in one large room. That way, everyone can talk to each other. Every month, they transform their warehouse into a café where they drink beer with the whole team. They start the construction season with a real theme party. 

Fun facts:

  • They celebrated their 40th anniversary and went on a short-ski with the entire team.
  • They provide bread and charcuterie every afternoon. 

Back to business... Their customers are mainly situated in the (northern) Kempen region. Their clientele consists of 1/3 private persons and 2/3 in the tertiary sector (B2B). They are currently drowning in work and are looking for a real team player to support their project leaders.


You have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Electromechanical Engineering with a major in Air Conditioning, Energy Management or Electrical Energy. You have a strong interest in HVAC and green energy. 

Working in a close-knit team is on your wish list. You are willing to follow on-the-job training and have knowledge of Autocad or Stabiplan. 

Experience is not required, but drive and motivation are certainly needed. 

Apply for this vacancy.

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