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Technical calculator

Permanent / Temporary
40 hours per week
Reference: 21285
Magalie Migneau
Recruitment Partner
056/620 436
056/620 436
Technical Engineering West Flanders
English Walk 2 F10, 8500 Kortrijk

We offer a salary in line with the market supplemented with extra legal benefits such as meal vouchers. You will receive internal training and work in a 40-hour week with 12 extra days of leave.


As a technical calculator

  • you are responsible for a thorough work and finish analysis / cycle time and use of materials and machines.
  • Creating offers and optimising the production processes. 
  • you guarantee correct technical technical processing of placed orders 
  • You actively participate in projects in order to make optimisation possible. 


The company is located in the West Flanders region and specialises in machining, sheet-metal work, welding, assembly and piecework. This is the right place for all areas of metalworking.


As a technical calculator

  • you are reliable
  • you are open
  • You are customer-oriented
  • You are result-oriented
  • you are a positive person
  • You are orderly and punctual (accurate)
  • You can work independently. 
  • you can also work together
  • you are decisive

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