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Sterilisation Technologist

Hamont Achel
39 hours per week
Reference: 63111
Date: 2024-02-15
Sharon Sannen
Recruitment Partner
014/337 567
014/337 567
Technical Engineering Lommel
Vreyshorring 49, 3920 Lommel
  • Permanent contract of unlimited duration.
  • A versatile and challenging job in a strongly growing company, in which you actively participate in the further development of the organisation.
  • Working in a traffic-free environment.
  • A competitive salary package, supplemented by numerous additional benefits including meal vouchers, hospitalisation and invalidity insurance and group insurance.
  • A full-time job with flexible working hours and an interesting leave scheme (20 leave days + 11.5 recovery days + 2 sector days).

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>> 014 33 75 67 

>> WhatsApp: 0477 71 16 88


You are a sterilisation expert; you support ongoing commercial sterilisation processes, as well as the onboarding of new sterilisation programmes and new sterilisation technologies.

- You acquire and maintain scientific and technological knowledge and background of existing and new pharmaceutical (surface) sterilisation technologies (VHP, EtO, NO2,...).

- You will implement these technologies as needed at Sharp by working with the wider Sharp organisation.

- You will integrate sterilisation technologies into the operational framework that exists at Sharp.

- You will ensure that adjacent (medical device or combination device assembly and packaging) operations can take place simultaneously with the sterilisation technologies and.

- You ensure compliance with pharmaceutical regulatory requirements (e.g. Eudralex Schedule 1).

- You understand the complete sterilisation cycle and all parameters affecting the sterilisation process.

- You will lead investigations into abnormalities that have occurred during sterilisation cycles and apply expertise to resolve these issues with the wider team.

- You optimise production processes linked to the sterilisation processes to enable smooth batch sterilisation (and adjacent) processes.

- You will support commercial discussions with new/existing customers in the field of sterilisation.


The company is part of a group and is responsible for the packaging and labelling of medicines. 


- You preferably have a scientific master's degree in Bioscience Engineering.

- You have knowledge and experience of (aseptic and/or) sterilisation technologies through education, industry experience and/or training.

- You have good knowledge of food and/or pharmaceutical microbiology.

- Experience in a cGMP environment and/or Annex 1 is a plus.

- You are fluent in Dutch and English.

- You are entrepreneurial and take responsibility.

- You have analytical thinking skills.

- You are precise.

- You have the ability to communicate efficiently and effectively on complex (technological and scientific) issues.

- You have an eye for detail.

- You have an urge to understand the science behind technology.

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