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Meter Replacement Project Coordinator

40 hours per week
Reference: 27776
Laura Van De Weghe
Recruitment Manager
03/760 31 30
03/760 31 30
Technical Engineering Waas and Dender
Chaussée de Bruxelles 92, 9090 Melle

You will fall within a salary scale depending on your degree and experience.

In addition, you can count on meal vouchers, full reimbursement for public transport, reimbursement for bicycle or environment-friendly commuting, holiday allowance, end-of-year bonus, performance bonus (individual), performance bonus (collective), hospitalisation insurance, smartphone, internet subscription at home, company bicycle (lease), company car.

Moreover, you get 12 ADV days because you work in a 40-hour week, you get 6 extra days of leave from Farys and you have 15 public holidays (instead of the usual 10). Furthermore, you can make use of flexible hours and you can take your overtime in holidays.


As Project Coordinator you will be responsible for the following tasks:

Preparing, organising, coherently planning, following up, adjusting and evaluating the assignments and projects to be carried out with a view to a timely, safe and high-quality finish.

-drawing up the timing and planning of the work to be carried out

-Create a design

-Make agreements with the various parties: other services, suppliers, contractors, other water companies, companies, inspection bodies, etc.

-to ensure a good quality execution, taking into account the technical and safety regulations

-Evaluation of the work done on the basis of the agreements made

Administrative follow-up of the works and projects: permit applications, commissioning and link with invoicing,...

-proactively liaise with other departments and external parties

-Efficient response to unforeseen circumstances

Ensuring optimal service through solution-oriented handling of more complex files, customer queries and projects.

-functioning as a contact person

-prioritising the commencement of assignments in order to complete them in a timely manner

-reviewing one's own work critically to ensure its quality

-following up on the state of affairs in dossiers and projects

Acting as the contact person for the customer regarding site follow-up (especially for more complex sites)

Helping to optimise the efficiency of the department by supporting colleagues, consulting and reporting to the head of the department.

-discuss bottlenecks in processes and propose solutions

-reporting on the status and achievements of projects

-discuss planning and priorities taking into account the purpose of the operating entity


For our client Farys, we are looking for a Meter Replacement Project Coordinator.

You will be working in the Production and Transport unit. This takes care of the production and transport of drinking water via supply pipes from the production sites and purchasing points to the entrance of the distribution networks. Our drinking water infrastructure includes water treatment plants, high-pressure pipelines, pumping stations, water towers, reservoirs and underground meter chambers.

Within this infrastructure, a large number of water meters are managed for a range of functionalities: water supply to industrial customers, invoicing from/to other water companies, flow meters in the context of network performance, etc. These water meters also involve a number of challenges: complying with legislation in the context of levies, periodic re-oiling, replacing mechanical meters with remotely readable variants via WinCC, etc.

As a project coordinator, you will be responsible for coordinating the meter replacements for Production and Transport.


The following competencies are expected in this role:

-You have a bachelor's degree.

-You can look back on relevant experience in organising and coordinating shipyards.

-You have insight into technical design and combine interests in construction and electricity.

-You can work fluently with AutoCAD.

-You are strong in Office applications for administrative follow-up and inventory.

-Your approach shows a high degree of independence and endurance.

-You communicate in a goal-oriented way.

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