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Production engineer

40 hours per week
Reference: 58815
Date: 2024-02-02
Sharon Sannen
Recruitment Partner
014/337 567
014/337 567
Technical Engineering Lommel
Vreyshorring 49, 3920 Lommel
  • Training to further sharpen your professional knowledge and skills.
  • A challenging job in a dynamic environment where each project is worked out customer-specifically and within the framework of a stable industrial family business.
  • Support from an experienced team.
  • Pay according to knowledge and experience.
  • 20 statutory holidays (freely selectable!)supplemented by 12 ADV days
  • Extra benefits: hospitalisation and group insurance, meal vouchers, eco vouchers, profit bonuses, ...

Questions or interest?


>> 014 33 75 67 

>> WhatsApp: 0477 71 16 88


- You organise and coordinate projects from a technical point of view in a practical manner in order to get projects completed correctly in terms of quality and on time

- You help determine the methods/techniques and production sequence

- You are constantly concerned with efficiency of production methods and keep abreast of the latest techniques in welding and machinery for the production of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, High Voltage Masts etc.

- You are resourceful in terms of auxiliary tools, jigs and your own machine design in order to work efficiently. You evaluate projects in terms of efficiency and hours worked.

- You ensure correct drawings and work instructions on the shop floor.

- You will provide technical assistance to the Production Manager.

- You have an eye for quality, safety/health and environment in the workplace.


Do you find wind turbines and high-voltage pylons imposingly tall? Would you like to work on large welding assemblies for renewable energy, shipping or helicopter landing decks for the navy, for example? At this company, we work hard every day on gigantic steel structures that can be up to 50 metres long. Besides shipping, we operate in the energy and defence sectors and focus on renewable energy in addition to products for oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Examples include pressure vessels, reactors, heat exchangers, oil and gas separation modules, complete with piping and parts for industrial cookers.


- You have received technical training.

-Practical experience in welding, metalworking, machining, mechanical engineering/maintenance is a plus

- You have a keen technical interest and affinity with practice

- A basic knowledge of Autocad and/or Inventor is a plus

- Experience in Oil and gas equipment, machining or mechanical engineering is a plus

- You are fluent in Dutch and English

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