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Prevention adviser level 1

40 hours per week
Reference: 63335
Date: 2024-02-27
Sharon Sannen
Recruitment Partner
014/337 567
014/337 567
Technical Engineering Lommel
Vreyshorring 49, 3920 Lommel

You will have the opportunity to help shape a brand new state-of-the-art production facility, develop your role and feel proud of the work you do. Working at Ciner Glass is fast-paced, challenging and incredibly rewarding.

- Comprehensive salary package, complemented by smartphone, laptop, company car, ...

- 42 holidays including public holidays

- Health insurance, over time our fringe benefits will expand further

- Freedom, autonomy and opportunities in your personal and professional development

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>> 014 33 75 67 

>> WhatsApp: 0477 71 16 88


- As head of the Health and Safety Department, you will take the lead in setting up, building and implementing the department.

- From the start of construction work, you actively advise on safety and health issues in our production environment.

- You translate the organisation's overall strategy into concrete safety and health policies, contributing to the realisation of the company's objectives.

- You will establish health and safety procedures and guidelines and practically follow up on problems, ensuring the policy is in line with the set objectives.

- You will chair and attend health and safety meetings and coordinate activities within the service, taking into account priorities and customer needs.

- Furthermore, you initiate and coordinate programmes and projects to comply with legal standards, organise training sessions on security risks and coach your team members.

- You keep abreast of legislation and developments in your field, and play an active role in identifying and minimising hazards and risks at work.

- You analyse industrial accidents, develop guidelines for welfare policy and integrate all welfare aspects into quality and other management systems.

- You will report to the Managing Director.


Ciner Glass Ltd. is the UK-based holding company for the global container glass operations of the Ciner Group, a large industrial conglomerate founded in 1978, based in Turkey and owned by Mr Turgay Ciner.

Ciner Glass started its first production in Bilecik Bozüyük in 2013 and now produces 2.4 billion bottles a year. As the best glass packaging plant in Turkey, it started looking for new investments to continue this success globally.

In 2018, Ciner Glass decided to expand its operations globally. Our aim is to expand our presence in the Turkish, UK, European and US markets with the first step being the development of our production facility in Lommel, fully operational with 2 furnaces (470,000 tonnes annual capacity) by the end of 2026. The state-of-the-art and automated machinery is being prepared to employ more than 500 workers when production is fully operational.

Our mission is to become a world-leading company that can help change the glass industry for the better, to provide healthy, reliable, competitive, distinctive lightweight and high-quality glass packaging products manufactured with high-end technology in line with international technical and quality standards for our customers, society and the environment.


- master's degree, including Level 1 Prevention Advisor training, and extensive experience in the process industry, you will be well equipped for the challenges of both the start-up and expansion of our production plant.

- Your in-depth experience as a prevention consultant is a valuable asset.

- A born team player, you use your interpersonal skills to build trusting relationships with stakeholders and colleagues.

- Strong communication skills, both in Dutch and English (both spoken and written), will enable you to communicate effectively.

- Your presence on the production floor underlines your commitment to the day-to-day operations.

- In short, with your academic background, prevention consultant experience and team-oriented approach, you are well prepared to make a valuable contribution to the success of our manufacturing operations.

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