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Payroll Consultant

39 hours per week
Reference: 62635
Date: 2024-01-24
Seppe Gilis
Recruitment Manager
014/24 41 48
Finance Antwerp
Antwerpseweg 17A, 2440 Geel

This team works and grows as one! The bow doesn't always have to be tight as colleagues ensure plenty of fun moments among themselves on the shop floor. Together with an annual team building, birthday receptions and presents this ensures a good team spirit. There is a great sense of mutual respect and flexibility within this company. This is therefore the common thread in their offering.

Our client offers their employees an immediate permanent contract for full-time employment of 39 hours per week. You can take advantage of sliding hours and choose whether to work hybrid or at home. For this position, being in the office with the team at least twice a week is a must.

You are entitled to the 20 statutory leave days annually, 12 paid adv and 3 collective bargaining days. These can be planned freely by mutual agreement with the team. For every 5 years of employment, you may also add 1 seniority day here.

The financial picture :

  • A gross monthly salary depending on relevant experience.
  • Net expenses of €100 per month.
  • Meal vouchers of €8 per day worked.
  • Eco-vouchers of €250/year.
  • Hospitalisation insurance for yourself and everyone in your family.
  • Group insurance.
  • Flex plan (mobile phone, extra leave days, electric bike, extra pension savings, electronics...)

You will not be left to your own devices at start-up, quite the contrary A basic training of 6 consecutive weeks is provided (alternately digital and physical at HQ Antwerp). Topics covered include getting to know the company's values/standards, social legislation, internal computer systems, etc. They conclude with a three-day trip to the Ardennes as a form of team building.


Looking for a job where you can juggle numbers while assisting your clients in what matters most to them? As a payroll consultant, you can do all this...

You will be responsible for a fixed client portfolio, enabling you to start building long-term relationships with these contacts. You can work niche-related (health, logistics, construction, etc.) or size-related (small independents, SMEs or large companies).

The job content of a payroll consultant is twofold.

On the one hand, you are responsible for the complete payroll processing of all employees within your client portfolio. This involves deadline work, as you are responsible for timely payment of wages every month. Specifically, you will calculate the wages per employee (gross-net), taking into account other factors such as meal vouchers, holiday pay, leave, illness, time credits, commission, etc. For this you are in close contact with the customer. Other administrative tasks you will be capable of are e.g. submitting Dimona requests, registering new employees, drawing up social documents, filling in mutual insurance papers, calculating severance payments in case of dismissal of an employee, monitoring monthly indexations per joint committee, etc.

As a payroll consultant, you will also answer all questions from your own client portfolio by phone and in writing. You will be the first point of contact for them. You will thus be challenged with a whole range of different types of questions. At some point, you will start advising your clients yourself. If you do not know an answer to a question, you will start investigating it yourself. In doing so, you can call on the expertise of all your colleagues.


This company is an international player based in Antwerp and located in the HR market. With its 26 offices and some 6,000 employees, it is therefore one of the leading companies in this niche. You will therefore definitely be working in a stable financial working environment! Versatility is one of our client's core values. Their clients can turn to experts for all kinds of HR questions. They offer many different services. Think about the social secretariat, outsourcing, finance, IT, legal, consulting, the service centre... So there is something for everyone! You can probably already feel it: the customer is always central here. This is therefore the greatest core value that every employee strives for. The HR sector is one that is constantly changing and our client responds to this. This is also necessary to always offer the best and highest-quality service. Digitalisation, innovation and entrepreneurship are therefore key concepts here. But they really go out of their way not to lose sight of the people-oriented! They always look for a balance between digitisation and personal approach. Are you looking for an employer where you can think along in terms of possibilities, solutions or how things can be done better? Then you are definitely in the right place here. Our client is looking for such entrepreneurs, people who dare to take the initiative and can/will think out of the box. Everything can be discussed, it just has to be expressed by you. Your entire trajectory is in your own hands, you become the captain of your own career. As a result, every employee becomes a highly engaged employee who is proud to let the outside world know where he/she works. Fancy being a part of this? Then don't hesitate and apply!


  • Do you hold a relevant bachelor's degree or have relevant administrative experience in a highly varied range of tasks?
  • Are you fluent in Dutch, English and/or French?
  • Do you enjoy working with deadlines to be met every month? Do you like to perform under pressure?

Our client in Antwerp is looking for talented people who cannot hide their motivation and drive. People who are eager to learn, who can work well in a team but also independently, who are stress-resistant and continue to perform well under a heavy workload, who are communicatively strong and at the same time numerical and analytical...

Are you one of those talents looking for a new opportunity to grow?

Apply for this vacancy.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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