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Method engineer

40 hours per week
Reference: 19493
Sharon Sannen
Recruitment Partner
014/337 567
014/337 567
Technical Engineering Lommel
Vreyshorring 49, 3920 Lommel
  • Permanent contract, indefinite.
  • Besides a competitive salary complemented by various fringe benefits, we offer you the necessary training and growth opportunities in a rapidly expanding company.

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The Methods Engineer is in line under the person in charge of the department who in turn is in line under the Operations Manager and is responsible for:

Offer handling:

  • In order to calculate a correct price, a series of factors will have to be assessed, which should enable the commercial department to make a correct estimate.

Work preparation/Engineering:

  • 3D modelling, determining casting system and feeding system and simulation.
  • Work preparation for foundry...
  • Model study, method calculation, casting parameters, casting pan selection, casting and tapping temperatures and demoulding times all part of work preparation.

Data management:

  • Maintaining the production database, which contains all production data and allows generating appropriate KPIs for general management.

Foundry technology:

  • Providing support to the Sales department regarding feasibility and castability.
  • Keeping up to date with all BATs regarding foundry technology.

Quality and continuous improvement:

  • Based on the BATs and developments in the supply market, introducing new techniques in the foundry, within the framework of defined improvement projects.
  • Project management of improvement projects (Management of Change).

3D measuring:

Preparation for 3D measurement with one of the available measurement systems.

Perform 3D measurements with one of the existing measurement systems.

Interpretation and reporting of findings.


The company casts high-quality steel and cast-iron pieces daily for its partners all over the world. Specialising in one-off pieces or small series, it is obliged to constantly improve, develop and stay sharp.


  • You have a Bachelor's or preferably Master's degree in Industrial with a strong interest in all things mechanical.
  • You have good spatial insight.
  • You are curious about the wonders of the foundry world. 
  • You are eager to learn.
  • You can work independently.
  • After a thorough training, you will be able to work with the following tools: 3D-CAD Siemens NX, Simulation software MAGMASOFT. If you want to expand your skills even further, there is 3D-scanning package: Gom ATOS, TRITOP.

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