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IT Project Manager

40 hours per week
Project Management
Reference: 62697
Date: 2024-01-26
Ward Kempeneers
02/333 45 10
02/333 45 10
IT Brussels
Martelarenlaan 30, 3000 Leuven

Curious about the salary package?

  • A competitive salary package with numerous fringe benefits (company car, fuel card, laptop, hospitalisation and group insurance, mobile plan)
  • Flexible working hours
  • A diverse and inquisitive team with numerous profiles
  • A corporate culture where team work, knowledge sharing and employee happiness are key
  • The chance to complete prestigious projects with major clients 
  • Tailor-made training courses
  • Own side projects


What should you know about the IT Project Manager job?

You are a team player:

  • Managing projects from pre-sales to delivery and after-sales.
  • Efficient use of technical and creative talent for project planning.
  • Support the team during all project phases.
  • Guarantee that everything runs within agreed time and budget.
  • Close collaboration with clients, developers, designers, marketers and other project managers.
  • Strong belief in the power of teamwork to create the best web platforms.

You understand the customer:

  • Intermediary between team and client.
  • Translation of customer needs into clear instructions for the team.
  • Ensure consensus and direction both internally and externally.
  • Prioritising customer relations.
  • Proactive risk management, stakeholder information, financial updates and strategic contribution to roadmap.
  • Expectation management and an honest approach result in customer conviction in the work delivered.


An all-encompassing digital agency that creates connections between strategy, development and online marketing. The team has the required skills and passion to fully support their clients in their digital journey. They are always looking for analytical, technical and assertive individuals. In essence: thinkers, builders and entrepreneurs!


What skills are we looking for?

Stress-resistant and multitasker: 

  • Excellent stress resistance and smooth switching between multiple projects.
  • Early experience in creating roadmaps, bringing structure to any project.
  • Broad interest in IT with a desire to continuously learn.
  • Multidimensional thinking: from customer, user and stakeholder perspectives.
  • Easy point of contact for the team.

Dynamic and proactive: 

  • Prefers a dynamic working environment and smooth gear shifting.
  • Nicknamed 'Pro-active' because of your forward-thinking approach.
  • Experience with Scrum for team management is a valuable asset.
  • Knowledge of PHP and Javascript not required, but understanding of their applications essential. For example, when switching from PHP5 to PHP7, you know the potential risks.
  • Fluent command of Dutch and English, with knowledge of French a plus.

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