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IT project coordinator/ Business analyst

38 hours per week
Analysis & Implementation
Reference: 58421
Date: 2024-01-09
Kevin Gaens
Recruitment Manager
03 780 98 79
09/265 00 34
Large Accounts
Chaussée de Bruxelles 92, 9090 Melle

Wages based on experience

  • 12 paid ADV days (working 38h/w)
  • 2 joint days
  • 20 days' holiday. 
  • Company car + tank tag
  • Meal vouchers
  • Group insurance: 1.5% annual salary
  • Smartphone + laptop
  • Accrual of seniority holidays
  • Optional affiliation to hospitalisation insurance
  • Conditions according to pc 211 petrochemicals


Every day is different. But what can you expect from this job and what do they expect from you:

  • Project planning and management: You are jointly responsible for preparing and managing project plans, including defining project goals, tasks, milestones and timelines. You will do this in collaboration with your colleagues to monitor progress and assign tasks.
  • Business analysis: With your experience and interest in business analysis, you will help identify, analyse and understand the needs of our organisation. You work closely with colleagues and stakeholders to analyse business processes, identify bottlenecks and discover opportunities for improvement. Together with various teams, you work on the design and implementation of innovative solutions that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our organisation.
  • Stakeholder management: You maintain regular contact with all stakeholders to ensure a smooth flow of information. You gather and understand their needs and requirements and ensure that these are integrated into project planning and execution. Moreover, you ensure effective and timely communication, ensuring that expectations are well managed.
  • Team coordination and resource planning: You manage the project team and ensure proper coordination of the work. In doing so, you divide tasks, monitor progress and offer support and guidance to team members when needed.
  • Risk management: You identify potential risks and issues that could negatively impact project execution. Furthermore, you develop plans to manage these risks and propose appropriate measures to minimise their impact.
  • Quality assurance and implementation: You contribute to quality assurance by drawing up and implementing test plans and quality checks in cooperation with your colleagues. In addition, you coordinate the implementation of new systems and ensure a smooth transition to the operational phase. You provide support to users, plan training sessions and ensure that the delivered solutions meet requirements and expectations.

You will work with the following schedule each time:

Mon-Don: 8.30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Free: 8.30 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Our client is all about ships, containers and logistics.
They are looking for an IT Superhero to take technology adventures to the next level.
As a global player in the port industry, they know that IT support is crucial to keep everything running smoothly.
So, if you are ready to use your super powers in a dynamic environment, this is your chance!
As an IT Project Coordinator with a strong interest in business analysis, you will play a key role within the IT organisation.
You will be the driving force in coordinating and implementing a diversity of projects, allowing you to fully develop your knowledge and experience in business analysis.
With your unique combination of functional understanding, technical interest and communication skills, you will ensure a dynamic and result-oriented approach.


  • You have a Bachelor's or Master's degree, preferably in business administration or economics.
  • You have experience in project coordination and/or business analysis.
  • You are communicative and have strong negotiation skills.
  • Customer focus and pragmatic thinking are characteristic of you.
  • You take an analytical approach and can distinguish main and secondary issues.
  • You are driven to achieve results and can handle stress well.
  • Taking ownership and being proactive are among your natural traits.
  • You express yourself fluently orally and in writing in Dutch and English.

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