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Field Service Engineer

40 hours per week
Reference: 31763
Steffi De Brabandere
Recruitment Manager
02/454 86 60
02/454 86 60
Technical Engineering Ternat
Borredam 4, 1740 Ternat
  • A competitive salary, in line with your education and/or experience
  • A beautiful, full option company car that can also be used for private purposes
  • Insurance
  • An attractive waiting fee
  • Laptop, mobile phone, fuel card, subscription


  • Commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning of technical equipment or less complex installations in order to ensure the good condition of the installations supplied by the organisation and the quality of the products
  • Installing and commissioning the equipment/installations at customers' premises
  • Carry out periodic inspections of the supplied equipment/installations within the conditions stipulated in the maintenance contract
  • Troubleshooting and on-site repair of equipment/installations at customers
  • Performing various supporting activities
  • Consultation on work to be carried out with the head of department and/or client
  • Discussing the tasks to be carried out with customer employees
  • Instructing users on the operation of machines, occasionally also in the other national language
  • Reporting of peculiarities to the head of department
  • Exchanging information about the required parts/materials with warehouse personnel
  • Formulating improvement proposals
  • Disassembling/assembling and adjusting equipment. Working with materials using hand tools and machine tools.
  • Carrying out various tasks attentively and carefully, also with a view to safety. Paying attention when participating in road traffic
  • Installing and commissioning the equipment/installations at customers' premises
  • Preparing the installation work
  • Analysing the situation on the customer's premises
  • Enquiry into specific wishes
  • Making appointments and giving practical advice to the customer
  • Installing technical installations, taking into account the installation regulations
  • Translating technical diagrams and working drawings into reality
  • Testing, regulating and adjusting the operation of the installations
  • Solving any problems
  • Informing and instructing users on the use and maintenance of the equipment/installations
  • Carry out periodic inspections of the supplied equipment/installations within the conditions stipulated in the maintenance contract, so that the technical conditions are recognised in time and appropriate action can be taken.
  • Listening to and registering customer complaints
  • Assessing the general operation of the equipment/installations
  • Assessing the state of maintenance by means of checklists and noting findings
  • Carrying out measurements and detecting deviations from the applicable standards
  • Repair of (threatening) defects in so far as this is immediately possible
  • Reporting of findings to the head of the department and/or the client
  • Performing corrective maintenance arising from inspections at times scheduled with the head of the department
  • Eliminating malfunctions in and repairing equipment/installations at customers' sites, in such a way that the work can be resumed from a technical and safety point of view and stagnation is kept to a minimum
  • Localisation of faults and causes of faults
  • Assessing the nature and extent and determining whether immediate repair is necessary and/or possible
  • Discussing the works to be carried out with the head of the department
  • Carrying out emergency repairs
  • Carrying out more extensive repairs at scheduled times and on the basis of prepared orders
  • Carrying out revision work based on work orders and instructions from the head of department
  • Making proposals to improve certain situations
  • Performing various supportive tasks, such as moving and retrieving new or overhauled technical installations and preparing or completing service reports


Our client is specialised in mobility (traffic) and data communication solutions. As a field engineer, you are responsible for the technical implementation of projects at the customer. This means a great diversity in your tasks, whereby you get the necessary support from your fellow field engineers, consultants and project managers. 


  • You are proactive, open and reliable
  • You have knowledge of electricity, electromechanics
  • You have preferential knowledge of data networks (LAN / WAN / WIFI)
  • You have experience with the configuration of routers, switches, IP, copper and fibre optic cabling
  • You can handle measuring equipment (OTDR, optical power measurements ...)
  • You are interested in gaining technical knowledge in traffic projects
  • You speak fluent Dutch, French and optionally English
  • You have a driving licence and are prepared to go on standby
  • You are a team player who is enthusiastic to learn and with a sense of initiative
  • You are commercially minded and customer focused
  • You will be part of a shift system for 1 week every 7 weeks. During that week you are available 24/24
  • Experience in a similar position is a big plus

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