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Payroll customer advisor

38 hours per week
Reference: 49777
Yulia Epina
Recruitment Manager
Finance West and East Flanders
Chaussée de Bruxelles 92, 9090 Melle

Employees' job happiness is put first and foremost by this company. Find out how they do this below!

Practical information:

  • an immediate permanent contract
  • full-time employment of 38 hours per week with sliding hours
  • opportunity to apply for a 4/5th job after training and in consultation with your team
  • a regime in which you can work from home 3 days a week (60% on a monthly basis / after training)
  • hybrid working in an office near you is possible
  • 32 leave days / year, to be freely taken

A nice salary package consisting of:

  • a fixed gross monthly salary depending on your experience
  • a salary bonus of up to €2000 gross / year
  • net expenses of €150 / month
  • a company car with fuel card (BMW or MINI)
  • meal vouchers of €8
  • eco vouchers of €250 / year
  • hospitalisation insurance
  • Group insurance of 6%
  • reimbursement of public transport costs (100%)
  • laptop & headset
  • an additional screen after the training period in function of home work
  • cafeteria plan (extra leave days, electric bike, dental care, mobile phone, airpods...)

42% of employees take advantage of internal mobility every year.

So moving on to another position is definitely possible.

Afraid of being left to your own devices at start-up?

Nothing could be further from the truth.

This company has a fully developed onboarding process. A 'the way we work' brochure, support from training coaches and on-the-job colleagues... At start-up, an extra surprise also awaits you!

Already curious about the next steps within the application process?

After being introduced by us, you can expect a phone call from one of the talent experts.

After a brief introduction, you will be invited for an in-depth digital interview.

A third and final interview is then scheduled with the hiring manager, your future supervisor, to finalise practical matters.

One last big advantage: the salary proposal is worked out in detail to suit you as an applicant. And this is gone over with you personally before starting and signing the contract.

Will you be the future Payroll Customer Advisor?


Looking for a job where you can juggle numbers while assisting your clients in what matters most to them?

As a customer payroll consultant, you never work alone. Our client works with a tandem system in which you and one colleague are responsible for the payroll administration of a fixed customer portfolio. This allows you to build a close relationship with these companies, mainly SMEs. To strengthen this bond even further, you can also visit all your clients once a year. In this way, you get to know the people with whom you have daily contact better and can evaluate the cooperation in order to work together even more smoothly.

The job content of a customer advisor payroll is twofold.

Together with your colleague, you will be responsible for the complete payroll processing of all employees within your client portfolio.

This involves deadline work as you are thus responsible for timely payment of salaries here every month.

Specifically, you will calculate the wages per employee (gross-net) taking into account other factors such as meal vouchers, holiday pay, leave, sickness, time credits, commission, etc.

For this, you are therefore in close contact with the customer.

Other administrative tasks you will be responsible for are e.g. dimona requests, registration of new employees, drawing up social documents, filling in mutual insurance papers, calculating severance payments in case of dismissal of an employee, monitoring monthly indexations per joint committee, etc.

As a customer advisor, you will answer all questions from your own customer portfolio by phone and in writing. You will be the first point of contact for them.

Thus, you will be challenged with a whole range of different types of questions. At some point, you will start giving advice to your clients yourself.

If you don't know an answer to a question, you will investigate it yourself. In doing so, you can call on the knowledge centre and the expertise of all your colleagues.

We are looking for analytical talent all over Flanders who are ready to start working as a customer advisor payroll after a training period of min. 4 months.

The training pathway is specifically defined:

  • month 1 : immersion in the wonderful world of social legislation in Bruges or Hasselt
  • month 2 and 3 : diving into practice with a training coach from an office near you
  • month 4: further guidance on the job by your close colleagues and tandem-mate


"I was immediately charmed by the professional and transparent way of working. Here, people really listen to each other and sincerely sound out everyone's needs and expectations"

- anonymous employee at our client.

Are you looking for a new workplace where you will have opportunities for lifelong learning and autonomy within the HR sector?

Our client employs a 750-strong workforce who have grown into experts in their field through various training opportunities. At your start-up, you will not be left to your own devices as a full onboarding process has been thought through. An employee is also happy to testify about this: "In the first weeks and months, it was above all the support of my close colleagues that ensured a joint success. And now we are a year on and I am proud of what we already achieved together at that satisfied customer."

The flat and informal corporate culture provides the necessary atmosphere in the various offices. You will find yourself in an environment with very enthusiastic colleagues and where there is room for autonomy and flexibility for employees. Do you like to think along? Then you can certainly take initiative at our client. Executives are also very approachable, low-threshold is definitely present here.


Every employee within this company, feels these three values running through their blood.

  1. They are enterprising, hands-on people who like to take initiative, roll up their sleeves and think along in terms of possibilities. Lifelong learning and building expertise in social legislation is a passion for them and not a 'must'.
  2. They do not shy away from any challenge but go to great lengths to find a solution for their customers. Professional service and smooth communication in understandable (human) language is their gift.
  3. The colleagues do not hide anything but can simply be themselves within the team. The lines of communication are transparent, open and honest with an eye for mutual respect.

If this description makes you think to yourself "yes, that's me?" then don't stick around.

Then be sure to work out a fun, original and/or bold motivation as to why you are attracted to the above job description.

Specifically for the controller vacancy, the following skills are also important:

  • you have a passion for social legislation and wish to study it in greater depth
  • an analytical mind, likes to work with figures
  • stress-resistance to cope with deadline work which in itself can involve a high workload

Do you see some of the above in your field of expertise and are you hesitating to respond? Don't let this put you off and contact us to discuss things further via or via +32 9 235 22 32.

Apply for this vacancy.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.